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Marie Dvorkin

Piano Instructor

I started to play piano at age five. I graduated from Tchaikovsky College of Music majoring in Piano Performance. After coming to the US, I completed four years of study in California State University of Long Beach with Major Minor in Piano Performance. I have years of volunteering experience in classroom environment for kids in kindergarten through eighth grade. Currently, Im involved in Education Program for teachers through Stanford University.

Im passionate about music and Im passionate about education. Music education plays an important role in childrens life. It helps them to become creative thinkers. It develops imagination and intellectual curiosity. Music education teaches an important skill when working in small steps leads to achievement of larger goals. In this process the role of a teacher is crucial. The role of a teacher is to believe in each student. Im certain that with persistence, patience, and creative approach any child can achieve excellent results.

My teaching practice is built on fundamentals of Russian piano school, which emphasizes on combination of technical excellence, musicality, and strong knowledge of music theory. Learning other practices and methods in the United States allows me to be flexible and creative with each student. Along with strong basic skills, my goal is to develop appreciation and understanding of music in every child.

Employment Opportunity: Piano, Violin, Guitar and Voice Teachers. Bachelors Degree in Music or equivalent and/or experience. Please email resume to info@evergreensoma.com!