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Leilani Amour

Theater/Acting Director

Leilani Amour excelled as a producer/director, writer, and production designer for many years. She is a member of S.A.G. (Screens Actors Guild) and has been involved in major films and television worldwide including Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions, Princess Diaries (Julie Andrews), True Crimes (Clint Eastwood), and What Dreams May Come (Robin Williams). She also had a regular recurring role on the television series Nash Bridges.Leilani Amour owns and operates Makalani Production Media Services and Heavenly Eyes Productions, Inc., a film/ video/ digital production company founded in 1997. Leilani trains models and performers competing for International Performing Events. She has an astonishing record for signing up actors, models, singers and dancers with well known agents in the entertainment industry.Ms. Amour has produced and directed documentaries, commercials, public service announcements, corporate videos, short films and numerous music videos. She has a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco (Motion Picture/TV and Video). She also studied Law and held a Bachelors Degree in Political Science. She worked for Fortune 500 companies as a Network Engineer/Programmer for over 7 years before her major leap to the motion picture industry. She takes great joy in educating and mentoring aspiring actors/actresses, models and future filmmakers (IMDB Credits).

Employment Opportunity: Piano, Violin, Guitar and Voice Teachers. Bachelors Degree in Music or equivalent and/or experience. Please email resume to info@evergreensoma.com!