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Kalista Brand

Kalista Brand

Kalista Brand started her study of dance at the age of 2. For fourteen years, she has studied many different styles of dance such as, classical ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop and tap. Kalista has completed two years of training for teaching youths a variety of dance forms, such as ballet, jazz and lyrical. Kalista has performed many roles in the Nutcracker Ballet, Midsummer Nights Dream, Alice in Wonderland and The Carnival of Animals. Kalista currently attends Summit Public School: Rainier, and will be graduating in 2019.

Below are a description of Kalistas Dance Class offerings:

For the Tuesday ages 9 and up Jazz class:

This class is a jazz class for students ages 9 and up. For this class students should have black jazz shoes and should come dressed in a leotard in any color that fits and jazz shorts or leggings (with no denim or baggy clothes please). Hair should be up out of their face, in a ponytail or a bun. Students that join this class will learn posture and coordination and how to dance through the music with grace and technique. This class will include center work, across the floor combinations, and some stretching.

For the Saturday ages 3-6 Ballet class:

This class is for students ages 3-6 years old. Students should wear ballet slippers, pink tights, and a black or pink leotard (no baggy clothing). The students hair should be up and away from their face in a secure bun with no ponytails. This class will help the young students improve rhythm, coordination, listening skills, and posture. The class will include stretching, center work, some across the floor combinations, and a lot of fun!